The next generation Mitsubishi EVO is due out this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and CAR magazine is asking whether drivers have already lost interest. In response, Phil McNamara reflects on his drive of the last of the current generation EVO IX models, and answers with a definitive NO! The EVO may not have as much finesse as the M3, but it sure is fun.

The quick steering, and the fabulous 2.0L turbo four cylinder put a smile on his face every time he hits the accelerator. The problem as Phil sees it is the image of young hooligans who are stereotypically thought to drive these cars, as well as some of the niggling trim details. However, he is definitely looking forward to Mitsubishi refining the fit and finish on the great looking new car, and hopes the new greener power-train retains the feel of the original.

[Source: CAR]

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