BMW M3 sedan to get coupe front end

While sightings of the upcoming BMW M3 Coupe have been near prolific, glimpses of Bavaria's bomber in sedan form have been harder to come by. We found one for you back in July, but that mule hardly told us anything about what the M3 Sedan would look like since it was wearing the stock front clip of the 3-Series sedan. As far as we know, the shots we link to above are some of the first of the M3 Sedan showing its production front clip, which appears to be nearly identical to the front fascia we expect to see on the M3 Coupe.
What does this mean? It means the M3 Sedan's gonna be a hot number, foh sho. The standard 3-Series sedan, while not exactly uggo, is creased and stern looking, much like the mugs of the many business people who'll buy one. The coupe, however, is long, lean and graceful with a face that could launch a thousand ships. To see that visage on the M3 Sedan is a good thing, along with the 400-hp V8 that will be located directly behind it.

Thanks for the tip, Jason!


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