EDAG Sportwagon hardtop for Solstice on sale in January

Many of you remember shots of this hardtop Pontiac Solstice that features a hatchback-type rear end. The hardtop is a product developed by EDAG that's been in development for some time, but word is out that the EDAG Sportwagon hardtop, as it's now officially called, will be available in January of 2007 for $2,499 plus taxes and shipping. Saturn Sky owners (and Opel GT owners, for that matter) will have to wait until Spring if they want to close the lid on their convertibles.

The Sportwagon hardtop weighs about 115 lbs., although you'll be removing the production lid at the same time, which means you'll drop 42 lbs. for a net gain of 73 lbs. More weight can be saved by permanently removing the soft top, as well. However, that requires a professional and who wants to permantly remove their convertible's soft top anyway?

EDAG makes a big point in its press release about the OEM quality of all the materials used to construct the Sportwagon hardtop. We actually got to see a preproduction prototype at last year's NAIAS and were impressed with the cap's fit and finish, and the fact that it does give Solstice owners more enclosed storage space. We'll leave the look of EDAG's hardtop up to you. In our eyes the production side windows make the top look a little awkward where it meets the windshield at the top of the A-pillar.

Thank for the tip, Josh!

[Source: The GMSource]

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