There have been a number of suggestions that GM's restructuring should include trimming down its long list of brands, most recently by new board member Jerry York, who recommended unloading the Hummer and Saab brands. Well, don't hold your breath. GM's VP of North American vehicle sales, Mark LaNeve, said today that GM needs to keep all of its North American brands, including Saab and Hummer.

LaNeve suggested that GM would instead focus on turning around its struggling brands, including Pontiac, Buick and Saab. In the case of Saab, LaNeve suggested that what's needed is a stronger brand identity in the mind of consumers.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Hummer brand is growing quickly, and 70 percent of sales are "conquest sales" - customers who previously owned non-GM vehicles - so LaNeve sees nothing but upside in keeping the brand in GM's portfolio.

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