2014 Holden VF Commodore SS V Redline Front three-quarter

Holden has a hit on its hands. That wouldn't be much of a surprise were the hit a small, affordable, fuel-efficient car that everyone thought looked like Kate Upton in car form. It's surprising because said hit has a 6.0-liter V8 with 351 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque, sends its power to the rear wheels, and costs 51,490 Australian dollars ($47,365 at today's rates). And it doesn't look anything like the lovely Ms. Upton.

Yes, we're talking about the new VF Commodore SS V, and in particular, the Redline models. According to Aussie car site Motoring, Holden can't build the darn things fast enough, with wait lists going into 2014.

This news tells us something about Australian motorists. There's still a market for big, powerful sedans in Oz, which is a fact that Ford has seemingly forgotten. The VF Commodore, particularly the SS V Redline, is a vehicle that people want, rather than one they need. It's a shame Ford doesn't see such a market for its Falcon, rather than killing the historic nameplate. We wonder if Ford could have taken Holden's approach - rather than killing a big sedan, export it to America. We'd much rather have a rear-drive Falcon than the Taurus. Instead, Ford is basically giving away sales to Holden.

Want further proof that Holden is making the Commodore work? The SS V trim is handily outdoing the standard SS, making up 80 percent of SS sales. People aren't only buying these big sedans, they're actively buying the very best versions. We can only hope Chevrolet's new SS sedan, which is essentially a more powerful Commodore SS V, receives such a warm reception.