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Mitsubishi has put production of the Lancer Evolution X on hold, saying there's enough inventory to make it through the end of the year when the 2010 model is released. Mitsubishi spokesperson Christine Jew told KickingTires that no changes were planned for the 2009 model, but the 2010 variant would benefit from a few minor revisions. Inventory tracking through confirms that there are plenty of Evos available (887 2008 models, to be specific), but that doesn't mean the new Evo X is a flop; sales of Mitsu's rally rocket were up over 50% in 2008.

UPDATE: We spoke with Christine from Mitsubishi about Evo production, and it's hardly a "halt." The 2009 Evo will continue to be produced for Canada and Puerto Rico, so Mitsubishi is only skipping the U.S. market for the 2009 model year. As some of you pointed out, this is primarily due to the late launch the Evo received last year. The 2010 model will go on sale this summer and will feature some "minor," undisclosed tweaks.

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[Source: KickingTires]