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We still remember being extremely excited about the 200 HP, 2.5L V6 in the SVT Contour, so every time the think of FWD family sedans approaching 300 HP, we shake our heads in amazement. And if an Altima can have 275hp, then what the heck do automakers do with exotic sports cars? Easy, crank up the juice until drivers are able to break the sound barrier on the Interstate track. Somewhere around 600-650hp, OEMs start to get nervous, and the aftermarket takes over.

The tuning specialists over at 9ff took an "ordinary" 911 turbo cabrio and kicked up the power into the 910 HP stratosphere. Since the standard 911 turbo can hit 60 MPH in under four seconds, we can't imagine what would happen if you doubled the grunt on a car that weighs only 3,200 lbs. Since 60 will come and go well before you kick it into second gear, perhaps top speed is most relevant here, and achieving speeds that pass 240 MPH has already been done by 9ff while using only 850 HP. 9ff has already done a coupe and Carerra GT versions with identical power numbers, so the drop-top was easy.

At some point we fully expect the horsepower war to taper off, but you won't hear us calling for a truce. We hope this monster comes with a standard helmet and a four-point safety harness.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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      One reason I love reading Autoblog is I can find an SVT Contour reference in a story about a 910 hp Porsche. Neff didn't even write this one.

      This 9ff is the first that would make me walk past a 959 to see.
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      Wicked man, just wrongfully wicked. The 19" Carrera S wheels are better however.
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      they couldn't squeeze one more horsepower out of there, to make it 911hp? :D LOL.

      But seriously... that is a lot of power for anything. I would seriously be afraid of cracking up such a beautiful car.

      I am not even sure that driving schools provide enough training to be able to handle such brutal amounts of power that can so easily break the bonds of traction at nearly any time, even with AWD.
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      here you see the old 850hp 9ff 996 turbo convertible doing 380km/h setting the officle topspeed world record for street legal convertibles. The car does not use the 911 turbo wide body because it reduce the topseed.. and with the new 911 turbo convertible 9ff did the same (BTW the first doing it was RUF with the yellow bird using the tight body of the normal 911 and stich into it the turbo technic to get better aerodynamic for higher topspeed!)
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        ops 780hp not 850hp
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      Mr. Vader, your cabrio is ready.
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      I don't get it.... They call it a Turbo Cabrio, but I see no side vents for the turbos that a factory Porsche Turbo comes with.

      To me it looks like they ordinary 911 and 9ff claims to have added boost to it, and are trying to pass it off as a Turbo Cabrio.... unless the photos above are not of the actual car....
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        The Turbo cab from the factory isn't out yet, so they took a 997 (S) and just turbo'ed it.

        I'm curious, though, has it been regeared like the article implies? I hope so - it'd be silly not to - but don't see a link that will confirm..