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5.0 out of 5

Mrs Vickie McNeer

2018-07-02 05:42:13

I bought my 2008 Saturn Aura XR a year ago. Loved it the day I purchased it and still love it today. It has class of its own. Beautiful car. Get compliments daily as well as the great car and dependability that it has shown me. I love every single thing about my Saturn. Absolutely love ❤️ it. A Big Ole Thumbs 👍 up from this Saturn owner. Woo Hoo

2008 Saturn Aura

Review of 2008 Saturn Aura

2008-08-30 09:12:30

2008 Saturn Aura


2008-08-15 12:54:49

I've loved the Saturn Aura from afar since the advertising started in 2006. This week, I bought a Golden Cashmere/Tan Leather 2008 XE 6cyl. And I love it! I know I haven't had it long, but my experience with Saturn in the past and the look and feel of this one has me convinced that the Aura is great car! I drove my Saturn SL1 for 14 years and it was a good car and I got my money's worth. I'm hoping for another 14.

2008 Saturn Aura

Love my Aura XE!

2008-07-05 06:36:42

I bought my Aura as soon as the 0% financing became available. So I only have it for a few weeks but I just love it and I am so grateful that I was able to buy it. I love everything about it. It is so quiet and comfortable to drive in, and it is beautiful too. As my neighbor said: "that is a sharp looking car." I really like all the safety ratings too. It is the best car I have ever had and I hope to keep it until I retire from driving.

2008 Saturn Aura

Sooo quiet that I almost wish I could hear the engine purr...

2008-07-03 05:15:02

I can't believe how smooth and how quiet my new aura is! 3.5 liters of wow and I can't even hear her purr!ANYONE ON THE FENCE ABOUT GETTIN A NEW MID-SIZE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DRIVE THE AURA!

2008 Saturn Aura


2008-06-30 10:02:16

I have had my Aura only a month but I have a couple complaints. Visibility while backing up was almost impossible until I removed the rear headrests. The material quality of the inside is poor especially on the dashboard. The roughness makes it hard to keep clean. I am not getting the greatest gas mileage yet...maybe 28 highway and around 20 city. The satellite radio is great and so is Onstar navigation...but these are of course available anywhere. The car LOOKS great, but I am not really super impressed with it overall.

2008 Saturn Aura

Review of 2008 Saturn Aura

2008-04-28 08:56:19

2008 Saturn Aura

Great Car

2008-02-27 07:41:44

I've got 7000 miles on my Aura XR and it's just super in every respect.

2008 Saturn Aura

Love my Aura

2008-01-31 01:12:43

Best car I ever had,everything about it is perfect.I get compliments daily on its beauty. Saturn has truly come a long way!!

2008 Saturn Aura

Review of 2008 Saturn Aura

2007-10-29 10:14:13

I love this car and think it is AMAZING! it looks great and drives very luxurious! it should be number one on all these ratings!

2008 Saturn Aura

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