2020 Honda CR-V Infotainment Driveway Test Video | The sore spot

It's laggy, glitchy, and owner complaints have dragged down the CR-V's reliability scores

The 2020 Honda CR-V is an all-star; a thoughtfully designed and well-rounded compact crossover that checks off virtually every box families might have. There are no shortage of reasons why Honda manages to sell so many every year, and it actually gets even better for 2020 with the addition of the CR-V Hybrid. 

However, it has one major blemish, something that can make you go "yeah, but ..." It's the touchscreen infotainment system found on all but the base LX trim level. Consumer reviews and reliability ratings have shown in abundance that it is a laggy, glitchy system. As just one example, a friend of my mother's even recently said she loved her CR-V but was reluctant to buy another because of the problems she's had with the touchscreen. During my recent week with a CR-V Hybrid (more reviews coming soon), it became completely unresponsive when using Apple CarPlay. When it was functioning as designed, it was still slow to move between menus, and it just isn't as intuitive as rival systems. It's also pretty antiquated in appearance and measures only 7 inches, versus the more common 8 inches of the Toyota RAV4 and others. 

The above video goes into the issues in greater detail.

As a refresher, this 7-inch touchscreen comes standard on the CR-V starting with the EX trim level. Joining it are four USB ports (one data/charger up front, one charge-only up front and two charge-only in the rear), Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Pandora internet radio control, a variety of smartphone integration apps, satellite and HD radios, and a six-speaker sound system. The EX-L has an eight-speaker sound system, while the Touring has a nine-speaker premium upgrade, integrated navigation and wireless smartphone charging. 

Apart from maybe the Mazda CX-5's, most competitors have a leg up on the CR-V's infotainment system, but if you're looking for two specific examples that are more reliable and user friendly, I'd point you toward the Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4

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