Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept SUV may be the most Japanese thing in Detroit

A reverence for nature, with marble inside and red cedar slats on the roof

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept
Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept / Image Credit: Drew Phillips
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Infiniti is following up its Q Inspiration Concept from the Detroit Auto Show last year with a QX Inspiration Concept for 2019. Unlike the Q Inspiration from last year ( VC-Turbo engine), this one is fully electric. That said, it does sport a similar design language.

This QX concept is meant to preview an upcoming midsize electric Infiniti SUV. Since it's powered by an electric powertrain, there's no need for a grille. Infiniti decided to take the opportunity to spell its name out in big and bold letters across the bow instead. The proportions are obviously concept-car-like with a high beltline and squashed rear-end. Straight lines and muscular curves accentuate the car's stance nearly everywhere you look — somehow we still didn't escape the plastic wheel arches breaking up the pretty white paint and surrounding the 22-inch wheels.

Etchings on the razor-thin headlamps and throughout the car are designed to look as though lasers did the work. Infiniti emphasizes that it used Japanese "Ma" styling, which puts an emphasis on negative space. Take a look through the photos yourself to see if you think Infiniti succeeded at utilizing the design mantra of "white space" on this SUV.

One neat feature you'll easily be able to decipher on the exterior is the use of Japanese red cedar slats on the roof. You can see straight out of the car from inside, and it offers a bit of contrast color-wise. A lot of the magic is contained in the interior of the QX Inspiration, though.

The first thing you'll see is the pillar-to-pillar screen that's finished in gold-tinted glass. Remind anyone of Byton? As if that wasn't enough screen, Infiniti also put a screen in the square steering wheel, too. The center console is made using marble, extending all the way back to the rear seats. White, suede rhombus panels serve as the Infiniti's floor that also features gold inlays. Infiniti takes advantage of the electric car benefit of a flat floor for extra interior space — the battery sits low under it.

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept
Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept
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It also uses the popular concept-car trick of rotating seats to make ingress and egress easier. The same tech was revered in the 1960s. Infiniti says it intentionally left out any technology from the backseat so as to give the cabin a more natural and authentic appearance in pursuing the Japanese appreciation of nature and craftsmanship.

Infiniti's concept doesn't have any specifications for power or other things of that nature, but Infiniti does say it's all-wheel-drive. Infiniti intends to make a powerful all-wheel-drive electric crossover one day, so consider this concept a far-out preview of what Infiniti styling could look like in a production vehicle sometime down the road.

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