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2020 Ford Escape interior partly revealed in spy photos

Ford Focus cues continue inside

  • Image Credit: KGP Photography
The 2020 Ford Escape has been spotted again, and these spy shots give us our first look at the compact crossover SUV's interior. Though it's fairly well covered, the infotainment system is left exposed, and we can make out air vent positioning. The design is very much like that of the 2019 Ford Focus. The infotainment screen sits up high in a tablet-style design with a set of controls below it, and farther below that are the air vents. This layout is almost identical to the Focus.

The rest of the dash also looks fairly low, and the outboard vents seem to be similar in size and shape to the Focus. Interestingly, this particular Escape prototype is running a base-level infotainment system. This is evident by the tiny screen and large preset buttons flanking it.

On the outside, it looks pretty much like the last Escape we saw, which in turn looks much like the new Focus. Further evidence that this is a low-spec Escape is the use of small steel wheels instead of large styled alloys. It also lacks the tow hitch of the previously seen prototype. Despite being a basic model, it does still have dual-exit exhaust with the tips sitting inside bumper cutouts.

We expect the production Escape will show up at a major auto show in the upcoming season. It will undoubtedly be offered in front- and all-wheel-drive forms with transverse engines. Considering Ford's streamlining of models, we suspect it will only get two engine options, probably turbocharged four-cylinder engines in two different displacements.

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