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2019 BMW M2 Competition official photos leak

This is what you get with an M4 engine in an M2

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Today's big BMW news is that photos of the upcoming BMW M2 Competition have leaked on the internet. The M2 Competition will replace the 365-horsepower single-turbo M2, and it gets the twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight six from the M3 and M4, albeit detuned slightly to 410 horsepower on this occasion.

We wrote about the M2 Competition in February, predicting a debut at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. Now, BMW Australia has already posted these official shots of the new car a little ahead of the schedule. Compared to the outgoing M2, the car gets a slightly more aggressive look, which includes blacked-out kidneys. There are also M4 mirrors and M4 seats, as noted by BMWBlog.

Our earlier write-up mentioned the transmission choices as being the seven-speed M-DCT dual clutch box and a six-speed manual gearbox; the circulating information currently only addresses the M-DCT, with no mention of a manual choice. The M2 Competition should begin production in July, with customer cars getting delivered in the latter part of the year. In any case, an M4 engine in an M2 does get us excited for the official reveal.

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