A little while ago, we posted teaser sketches of the new Kia K900 flagship. So far, we've learned how it looks from front to side to rear, but the interior has remained a mystery. Today, Kia released this sketch of the dashboard, which seems to be as restrainedly designed as the exterior.

The general shape of the dashboard seems to mirror recent BMW offerings, as it's not pronouncedly driver-centric. There's a nearly full-width strip of light wood that extends to the doors, and the steering wheel has also received its share of the wood treatment as well as the gearshift surround, with a large infotainment jog dial next to the shifter. We also see a virtual gauge cluster, which is complemented by a wide central screen that Kia says is 12.3 inches.

The HMI screen has gesture controls, but the interior's trick appears to be what Kia calls an "intelligent lighting system," which includes chromotherapy ambient mood lighting to deepen the sense of being cocooned inside the leather interior. There are several calming interior lighting modes to suit the occasion — maybe it's a way to combat frustration in traffic. Again, if the Stinger's exterior is knowingly busy and its interior is designed to invoke the feel of a GT car, the K900's cabin has traditional "executive sedan" woven into the mix, just like its exterior design.

Kia has said the K900 will be out in the second quarter of 2018, so we might just see a reveal in a couple of weeks at the New York Auto Show.

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