Watch Toyota's press conference from the Tokyo Motor Show

"Toyota loves cars" and has a lot of concepts.

Ahead of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota announced it would reveal a veritable fleet of concept vehicles. The Japanese automaker previewed its Concept-I series of electric vehicles, including a car that talks. We got an early glimpse of the hydrogen-powered Fine-Comfort Ride and Sora Fuel Cell Bus. We also got a look at the Toyota TJ Cruiser concept, as well as the GR HC Sports hybrid based on the GT86. We even saw the new Toyota Century and Crown concepts. Now, they've all made their public debut.

In the video above, Toyota Executive Vice President Didier Leroy introduced the company's concepts in a press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show. He told us that "Start Your Impossible" will be the Toyota tagline for japan, emphasizing a commitment to "Mobility for All." He talked about the changes in the automotive industry, which he said is at a "crossroads."

Leroy highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence and connected vehicles. He said that by 2020, most Toyotas will be connected to the company's cloud-based Mobility Service Platform. Toyota is also developing "Chauffeur" and "Guardian" modes for its vehicles. Chauffer mode is fully autonomous, while Guardian mode uses safety technology to assist a human driver.

The press conference also focused on clean mobility, and a dual strategy of battery electric and fuel cell vehicles. "We believe our solid-state battery technology can be a game-changer with the potential to dramatically improve driving range," Leroy said, which is something we've noted before.

Leroy closed his comments with a pledge. "Toyota loves cars," he said, "and we will bring ever-better mobility to ever more customers as technology frees us to push our boundaries. And I can promise you that our mobility will always be fun."

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