BMW Pebble Beach concept looks a lot like the Z4 prototype in new teaser photo

A few weeks ago, BMW hinted that it would be showing a roadster of some sort at Pebble Beach by releasing a conceptual drawing on Twitter. At first glance, we were expecting it to be a convertible version of BMW's 8 Series concept. Not only did the long nose and wheelbase seem appropriate for a large car like the 8 Series, BMW announced the 8 Series coupe concept would make its U.S. debut at Pebble Beach. But after seeing this new teaser photo, we're thinking it's actually a Z4 concept, as we think we've seen this face before under camouflage.

Well, maybe not this exact face, but one very similar to that of the BMW Z4 prototypes that our spy photographers have been capturing for the past few months. Comparing what's visible in the teaser with recent spy shots, we can see that both cars feature thin, wide kidney grilles, while the 8 Series concept has somewhat more pursed kidneys. The headlights on this roadster concept and the Z4 prototypes are swept back and more vertically oriented than many BMWs. The 8 Series concept has decidedly horizontal headlights. Finally, while the angle of the teaser photo isn't the best for judging size, the car looks much smaller than we expected, more like a Z4 than an 8 Series roadster.

Whatever the car is, we'll know very soon, as the Pebble Beach Concours is this weekend. Hopefully, if this is a Z4 concept, we'll get some idea of what kind of performance it will have. Since it's based on the upcoming Toyota Supra, it will likely share engines with the Japanese sports car. We hope both the BMW and the Toyota have more potent engines than the rumored 248-horsepower four-cylinder and 335-horsepower V6.

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