Hyundai is set to reveal its new Kona crossover to take on other funky compacts like the Kia Soul, Nissan Juke, and Toyota C-HR. But before it fully reveals the car, the company has mostly revealed the car in the form of new images and a teaser trailer. The photos show us both three-quarter shots from the front and the back, and the car is surprisingly well-lit.

These photos give us our best look yet at the mean-looking split headlights of the Kona, as well as its iteration of Hyundai's corporate grille and upper scoop. The aggressive front end is matched by bulging fenders, thick black fender flares, and a deep, sculpted character line running down the side of the car. It looks like the Kona will also have a trendy contrasting roof, too.

2018 Hyundai Kona

The aggressive front and sides come to a somewhat underwhelming conclusion at the back. The rear hatch looks like fairly generic Hyundai. But it does appear to be bolstered by some chunky-looking rear reflectors that house the reverse lamps. Those reflectors also appear to be surrounded by the same black material the fender flares are made of. The rear bumper, which is one of the few things that isn't visible, will likely also look fairly tough and rugged.

The teaser trailer shown below doesn't reveal quite as much of the Kona, but it does highlight a feature of which Hyundai is rather proud: the heads-up display. It's the first heads-up display used on a Hyundai product, and it uses a pop-up panel onto which information is displayed. It works pretty much like the displays used by Mazda and Mini. So it isn't anything particularly remarkable, but the availability of a heads-up display is always nice, and the color projection does look attractive. Look for more details and the full reveal of the Kona later this summer.

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