2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport will pace the Indy 500

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  • Image Credit: Chris Owens/IMS for Chevy Racing
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If you'll recall from our first-drive review from nearly a year ago, the Corvette Grand Sport is one of those "more than the sum of its parts" sort of cars. It might look like a Z06 minus 190 horsepower, but it's really a Z51 Coupe with all the right bits added on. It may be the perfect Corvette for the owner who wants to do everything with it. And it's certainly the perfect official pace car for the 2017 Indianapolis 500, the 101st running of that historic race.

2017 marks the 14th time a Corvette has paced the Brickyard, and it's one of the handsomer ones to do so. Some previous pace cars have been on the garish side, but this 2017 version is a red, white, and blue variant of the typical Grand Sport tropes. The red "eyebrow" fender stripes look great against the white bodywork.

Remember, the race is May 28, and in case you've just woken up from a two-week nap, the motorsports world is fascinated by Fernando Alonso's entry in a McLaren-Honda (and that he's skipping the Monaco GP). Come for the pace car, stay to see how Alonso does.

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