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Honda recently launched its new Clarity Fuel Cell sedan in California, where hydrogen infrastructure is budding, and the target market is being subjected to floating heads singing its praises. For the rest of us, Honda will offer two plug-in versions of the new sedan that have been waiting in the wings for their cue to take the stage. Now, their names have been called, and the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid will make their debut at the New York Auto Show next month to round out Honda's clean-car trio.

Honda is teasing the yet unseen plug-ins with the image above, flanking the Clarity Fuel Cell on either side. We can imagine that they'll cut a very similar figure to the FCEV – and the sketch suggests as much – but they'll surely have the visual tip-offs and a number of adornments to distinguish one from the other. For all three Clarity vehicles, Honda promises a spacious, quiet interior, standard Honda Sensing safety technology, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and "fun-to-drive DNA."

The midsize sedans will seat five, and that roominess helps to set the BEV, in particular, apart from other all-electric vehicles. Honda also says the Clarity Electric will be affordable, and earlier reports suggest it'll have a driving range of about 80 miles on a charge.

It's the PHEV, though, that will be the high-volume seller of the Clarity cars. It'll launch in all 50 states, and will offer at least 40 miles of all-electric driving, which is enough to get most people to work without having to rely on the gasoline engine.

The Clarity lineup is part of Honda's ambitious push to derive two-thirds of its global sales from electrified vehicles by the year 2030. What we see in New York will be an important step in that direction.

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