You know what's cute? Little kids. They're also a great reminder of why we want to leave behind a healthy planet for them to inherit. You know what's creepy? Floating heads, particularly those of children singing in eerie chorus.

This is the new one-minute TV spot for the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Shot in some sort of ethereal plane of existence where our weirdest nightmares are brought to life, the disembodied cherubs sing a haunting a cappella version of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop."

It's part of a larger campaign for Honda's new hydrogen powered sedan, invoking the spirit of the company's "Blue Skies For Our Children" slogan, and it aims to educate potential customers about the car and its fuel. In addition to the TV ad above, Honda has published a series of short horror films "edu-tainment" videos, complete with more floating heads (which represent hydrogen). They provide basic information about the car and Honda's history with alternative fuels, explain how a fuel cell works, highlight the Clarity's technology features, and even provide a refueling tutorial.

If you live in California, and are curious to see how your loved ones will react to unexpectedly seeing the heads of disembodied children singing on TV, the ad will first air in the Los Angeles market during the Academy Awards on February 26. That will be followed by TV campaigns in the Clarity Fuel Cell's markets of LA, San Francisco, and Sacramento. In a clever move, the refueling video will also play on video screens above gas pumps at stations that also serve hydrogen fuel.

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