Although the full version of Dirt Rally was released last year, we haven't seen a full, numbered iteration of the Dirt video game series – complete with not just rally cars, but also trucks and buggies – since its third installment in 2011. The long wait for another full game will soon be over, though, since game developer Codemasters has announced Dirt 4 will launch this June.

With the announcement comes a launch trailer featuring footage both an in-game Fiesta rally car on a dark, gravel rally stage, and of the real-life version in a studio. The trailer doesn't reveal much about the game, but Codemasters has provided other details outside of the video. The game will feature traditional rally events, FIA World Rallycross Championship races, and the return of "Landrush," a race type from previous entries in the series that focuses on trucks and buggies. Do take note that the FIA World Rallycross is different from the Global Rallycross Championship series in which Tanner Foust and Scott Speed compete.

Dirt 4 video game screenshot

Players likely won't be short of locations for racing either. Codemasters says the game will feature courses on three continents. We would guess two of those would be North America and Europe, since Dirt Rally already features Pikes Peak and Monte Carlo events, and it would make sense to carry those over to the new game. The developer also announced a new feature called "Your Stage." Codemasters says Your Stage will allow players to set a number of parameters and location, and the game will create a unique rally stage based on that information. It sounds like it will work a bit like the track creator in Gran Turismo 5, which would generate tracks based on a player's desired number of corners, track width, location, and other settings. In Dirt 4, these courses can also be shared.

The game comes out this June, and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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