Dirt Rally adds PlayStation VR support and a co-driver mode

Codemasters announced its rally racing video game Dirt Rally has an update coming soon that will get you and a friend closer to the action than ever before. The PlayStation 4 version of the game will add support for the PlayStation VR headset. As shown in the video above, it gives players an immersive view of the car and beautiful backgrounds from Pikes Peak to Monte Carlo. It will also allow the player to stare out the side window at the pine tree into which he or she is about to slide.

Perhaps more exciting is the new co-driver mode introduced with the virtual reality support. While one player is driving using the VR headset, a second player can give the pace notes. From the developer's description, this will be a type of rhythm game (think Guitar Hero or Rock Band) in which the second player will have to press different buttons on a PlayStation controller according to what comes up on the TV screen. Get the button presses right, and the driver should have the right information at the right time. Get them wrong, and that driver may have a glare on his or her face that's visible through the headset.

The update is only for PlayStation 4 and, sadly, not free. The virtual reality experience requires a purchase the online PlayStation store. It will also be available bundled in a new boxed version of the game.

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