Nissan has collaborated with Studio Hardie to create the e-NV200 Workspace mobile office. The one-off electric van includes a desk space, touchscreen PC, pop-up coffee machine, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, mini fridge, pull-out rear deck, and app-controlled lighting. The e-NV200 Workspace allows freedom to work to work in a variety of places while avoiding the high rent of city center office space. It also eliminates the added cost and time of traveling to work. There's even a storage mount inside the van for a folding bike to facilitate for when you want to leave the office behind. Check it out in the video above, and read more from Nissan.

Audi is launching a pilot program of its on-demand Shared Fleet service in Durham, North Carolina. With Audi Shared Fleet set to debut around the country next year, the pilot program will be housed at the American Underground technology incubator in Durham for this initial trial. Users will be able to book and unlock the fleet's 2017 A4 sedans using the Audi Shared Fleet app. The program will help Audi refine the service ahead of its nationwide launch. Learn more from Audi.

The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is raffling off a Tesla Model S as part of a fundraiser. In its Green Your Ride contest, the ISEA will pick a winner from 2,500 tickets sold at $100 apiece (or four for $300). If the winner doesn't need a car, or doesn't want to pay the associated taxes and fees, they can opt instead for $60,000 cash. Second and third prize winners get a Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer, or $500. If less than 2,000 tickets are sold, the winner takes half the raffle proceeds, while the ISEA will use the rest in its mission to promote solar power. Read more at ValueWalk.

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