Apple is developing automotive software in Canada with former BlackBerry employees

A car didn’t work out, so Apple’s heading North to build its own system.

After putting plans for a self-driving vehicle on hold, Apple has now turned to developing its own automotive operating system that it hopes to sell to automakers, reports Automotive News. The company has recruited at least two dozen engineers in Canada from BlackBerry Ltd.'s QNX, an automotive software provider, and has other newly hired software engineers working up north, unnamed sources claim.

The engineers are reportedly working at one of Apple's offices in Kanata, a suburb in Ottawa, Ontario, which is just a few minutes away from QNX's headquarters. A former QNX executive claims Apple singled out the company's engineers because of their experience with developing vehicle operating systems, which makes perfect sense.

Apple has poached from QNX in the past, having hired QNX's former CEO Dan Dodge in July. Dodge joined the company to help Bob Mansfield, who came on as the head of Project Titan earlier this summer. An anonymous source also claims that Apple recently hired Derrick Keefe, previously one of QNX's senior engineers.

Among other thing, QNX develops software to allow automakers to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into infotainment systems. The software also offers connectivity, apps, and other features, and is widely used throughout the industry. Clearly, Apple knows who the experts are in the field and it is going after them.

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