Faraday Future shows more legitimacy with 1,000th US employee

Faraday Future announced yesterday that it has hired its 1,000th employee in America. The company didn't announce what this employee would be doing, but it did reveal that 75 percent of its workforce is engaged in engineering or research and development. While on their own, these tidbits of information wouldn't be that newsworthy. However, when considered with other recent news, this information adds to a collection of evidence that Faraday Future's proposed electric crossover isn't vaporware.

This news also comes soon after some of Faraday's camouflaged prototypes were spotted testing. Based on the photos, the test vehicles appear to match the silhouette the company showed months ago. Even if those prototypes didn't look like what they first previewed, seeing any running prototype is a strong sign. And it's certainly more reassuring than the fantasy supercar the company showed at CES.

With functioning prototypes and plenty of employees working on bringing a car to reality, it seems Faraday Future has the underpinnings required to develop a production automobile. There's still room for some skepticism, as they still haven't officially shown anything about their production car, nor is there any guarantee that they can bring it to market. Still, it's an intriguing and positive sign for the company.

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