Volvo gives the V90 a lift with the new Cross Country

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Volvo revealed the final addition to the 90 series line today with a company classic, the Cross Country, and it follows the recipe perfectly. In this case, Volvo applied the formula to the flagship V90 wagon, adding traditional gray plastic flares and body cladding, additional ride height, and all wheel drive. The Cross Country also receives slightly altered front and rear bumpers finished in gray plastic and aluminum-look faux skid plates.

The overall result is what you'd expect from a Cross Country. It looks like a wider, taller, burlier V90. The V90 was already a looker, and a bit of outdoorsy garnish doesn't hurt the style at all. It shares the same airy cabin as its lower-riding siblings, and will probably share the same engines as well. Volvo didn't release any significant details about the car's specification and pricing, but considering its similarities to the existing V90, betting that most everything else is carryover is pretty safe. We also expect a slight price premium over the standard V90.

Considering the current sales frenzy for crossovers the V90 CC undoubtedly outsell the regular wagon and probably the S90 sedan as well. Production also begins this fall, so expect to see the Cross Country at dealers soon.

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