Shelby has unveiled its latest custom Mustang package called the GTE. The package is available for the both the V8 and turbo four-cylinder Mustang models and offers a mild power boost and loads of appearance items. However, the package isn't cheap.

At a starting price of $17,999 on top of the purchase price of a Mustang, the package isn't cheap, and most of that money goes to appearance items. We know this because the performance parts mostly come from Ford Performance, and they're considerably cheaper purchased on their own from the catalog. If you had a V8 and decided you only wanted the performance bits of the GTE package you could order a street handling pack, cat-back exhaust and the Power Pack 2, which includes the same intake and calibration Shelby uses to get an extra 21 horsepower, for a total cost of $3,533 from the Ford Performance catalog. Choosing the track handling pack and exhaust with black chrome tips would bump that price up to $3,997. Then you could haul those items to the local Ford Performance-authorized dealer to be installed for just $500. Overall, for about $4,000 to $4,500 net you pretty much the same installed performance as a Shelby GTE.

This of course means that well over $10,000 of the Shelby package goes exclusively to parts that serve only to proclaim to the world you own a Shelby. But if you really like and want the look of the GTE, then you should do what makes you happy. And honestly, this Shelby does look rather attractive. However, we would like to leave you with one final thought before you order one. A base Mustang GT with the GTE upgrade comes only about $4,000 less than a GT350 with all its flat-plane crank goodness. Just keep that in mind.

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