Gran Turismo Sport trailer shows how pretty Gran Turismo Sport will be

Sweet liveries! A clay design studio! Rally versions of cars that don't have rally versions! Even if you're not super-pumped about the latest (as in newest and late-to-market) Gran Turismo game, you have to admit it all looks damn good.

The gameplay trailer above, number two in what we'll now assume is a series, gives a look at the crazy-detailed cars and backdrops. You can see the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo sitting next to its electronic clay predecessor, a Mustang with tons of lights on it, and some footage of new cars and locations. The upcoming game also has a bunch of new features, like a detailed livery editor and new live gameplay modes. It also shows the new Scapes feature, which lets you place a car on different backdrops and, uh, take still photos. It's like an automotive marketing simulator! You can read more about the game with hands-on first impressions here.

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