Clarkson, Hammond and May still mulling Amazon show's name

Wouldn't we all rather just play with online configurators?

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May apparently still don't have a name for their Amazon Prime show – even with filming already well underway. A new video shows the team brainstorming ideas once again, but they don't come up with much. We do get to see Hammond playing with the Ford Mustang configurator, and Clarkson specs out the perfect pair of sunglasses. So that's something.

If you believe Clarkson's column in The Sunday Times, the crew really does have a problem coming up with a name, and the few ideas they have are already registered trademarks. If worse comes to worse, they could lean into the joke and be (deep breath):


But that might be too long for Prime's interface to display. It's also quite possible this is a well-planned publicity stunt. The trickle of funny videos and tweets do a fantastic job of keeping the guys' names in the news until the show actually starts streaming later in the year.

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