Guys, can someone go check on Jeremy Clarkson? We know today is April Fools' Day, and that means we shouldn't take anything too seriously, but the former Top Gear host posted a rather disturbing selfie on Twitter.

Apparently, Clarkson survived a pretty rough stunt. In the shot, his face is caked in what looks like soot and he's bleeding from the right side of the bridge of his nose. He's got a cut lip, and generally just looks like absolute hell. The selfie is accompanied by the caption "I survived the day. Just." The 55-year-old, perhaps aware of today's date, responded to skeptical fans insisting what we're seeing "isn't makeup." Backing up the fact that this might be the real deal was Clarkson's hint about today's stunt, posted yesterday. The host tweeted out that today would be "the most dangerous stunt I've ever attempted," adding that the tweet "may well be goodbye."

Perhaps Clarkson's post was something of a tactical move. Earlier this week, his former show posted its first trailer, which looked surprisingly good (to this Top Gear enthusiast, at least). His latest selfie may be the Amazon show saying "Hey, Top Gear might look good, but don't forget the sort of stuff that Clarkson, Hammond, and May are getting up to."

Check out Clarkson's tweets below to see what we mean.

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