Toyota will take advantage of Super Bowl 50's undoubtedly massive audience to sell the improved handling and high fuel economy of the 2016 Prius. The automaker will air the 60-second spot starring the fourth-generation model at the two-minute warning break in the second quarter, according to Toyota spokesperson Nick Ammazzalorso to Autoblog.

Toyota won't talk about the commercial's content yet, but the company's announcement suggests the Prius might show off some swagger as one of the preeminent members of the hybrid segment. Ammazzalorso describes the spot's tone as "light-hearted" and "definitely not somber" to Autoblog. Toyota last gave the Prius a featured role in a Super Bowl ad in 2005, he said.

Sales of the Prius Liftback dropped over seven percent in 2015, and the company already has some concerns that low gas prices could cut into sales of the new model. The big game offers one of the best opportunities to get the word out about the fourth-generation and try to start building its popularity.
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2016 Prius Set for Super-Sized Spot on February 7
January 11, 2016

In III, a cocky young gunslinger guaranteed and then delivered a victory to bring an unlikely trophy to Broadway.
In XVIII, a shifty running back in silver and black reversed field to stun Washington and to raid a title for L.A.
In XLII, a previously unheralded wide receiver's helmet catch ruined a perfect season.
And in 50, the 2016 Toyota Prius will make a play of its own, starring in a 60-second ad that will air Feb. 7 during America's biggest sporting event.

Those guys up there, they didn't deliver the biggest plays on the biggest stage by accident. No, they worked at it, bled for it. They practiced and practiced until it just came naturally. They had swagger, sure, but how could they not? When you do what you do for so long, great performances just become second nature.

And we're not saying Prius is going to outshine those other performances – actually, maybe we are. But with 50-plus miles per gallon and a sleek new design, Toyota has a little extra swagger with this icon.

So let's talk about the Prius. Toyota brought it to market in Japan in 1997, and to the United States in 2000. And since then, it's been improvement after improvement. Now comes the fourth generation with a longer, sleeker exterior, a low center of gravity, and world-changing technology that will toss everything you thought you knew about Prius driving out the window.

You see, this is big. And the only stage big enough to handle this Prius is 50, the game so big roman numerals can't do it justice anymore.

"We can't wait to show off this Prius on the world's biggest stage," said Jack Hollis, Toyota's group vice president of marketing.

So what did you expect? You don't run ads for a car like this as some late night infomercial. No, you go to the biggest stage, where more than 100 million people can gather round, wide-eyed and drop-jawed in between scoops of guacamole dip.

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