Chris Evans, reborn Top Gear get May 8 UK debut

The Clarkson, Hammond, and May-less new version of the BBC's Top Gear will make its big return to British television screens on May 8, new presenter Chris Evans told BBC Radio 1 on Saturday, The Guardian reports. The new crew has already begun filming the first 16-episode "series" as the Brits call it, although Evans confirmed work would continue up until a few days before the premiere.

Evans told Radio 1's Saturday Kitchen that the team had "already started making the films," and that show was "going to America to make our first intercontinental in January." Evans wouldn't release much more in the way of details, of course. It's still not clear who his co-hosts will be or how the show's format will change from its previous instantiation. Keep in mind, TG underwent radical changes between its original form and the Clarkson-helmed version of the show we all know and love. While it seems unlikely that the BBC would mess with such an extremely successful formula, anything is possible.

It should be noted that the May 8 date is for UK viewers. The BBC's history of airing new episodes of TG has fluctuated over the years, although for the most recent seasons BBC America viewers barely had to wait 24 hours for new shows. Considering how popular TG has become in the US, we'd be very surprised if the Evans-led show didn't use a similar scheduling arrangement.

Of course, we'll be sure to update you as soon as the American release date – as well as any other news – is confirmed.

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