Ford and the United Auto Workers now have a tentative agreement for a new contract. The union's National Ford Council of local leaders will vote whether to accept the bargain in Detroit on November 9. If successful, the UAW will then release full details on the deal and will send the proposed offer to members for their endorsement.

The UAW won't release any specifics about the tentative contract yet, but the already ratified FCA US arrangement likely provides the framework, which suggests an end to the two-tier wage structure. Automotive News reports the potential Ford deal removes the automaker's limit on the proportion of entry-level workers, which will make it possible for those employees to move into the higher pay grade over time. The bargain also reportedly includes $9 billion in new US investments from the Blue Oval and $10,000 at signing for members with $8,500 as a bonus and a $1,500 advance on profit sharing. "We negotiated for a proposal that will solidify job security and create substantial economic gains for our hard-working members and their families," UAW President Dennis Williams said in a statement announcing the agreement.

The UAW and General Motors haven't settled on a final contract yet. In the recent vote, 55.43 percent of GM workers overall accepted the proposed deal, but only 40.5 percent of skilled trades employees agreed to it. The union will soon meet with these members to discuss their problems with the bargain and will then decide how to proceed. The UAW said it won't change parts of the arrangement that affect the whole membership.
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Tentative Agreement awaiting ratification from National Ford Council

Detroit, Mich. – The UAW-FORD bargaining team announced today that it has reached a proposed tentative agreement with Ford Motor Company, securing job security, substantial economic gains and other contractual gains for members.

The bargaining team unanimously voted to send the proposed tentative agreement to local union leaders who make up the union's UAW National Ford Council (NFC).

"We appreciate the solidarity from our members while we worked to secure the details of this proposed tentative agreement," said UAW President Dennis Williams. "We negotiated for a proposal that will solidify job security and create substantial economic gains for our hard-working members and their families."

The NFC will meet in Detroit on Monday, Nov. 9 at 10 a.m.

"This agreement is significant for our members in that it creates a clear path for economic advancement for active members and rewards veteran employees for their sacrifices in recent years," said UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles. "It is one of the richest agreements in the history of UAW-Ford."

Once the NFC votes to approve the proposed tentative agreement, it will be immediately presented to the UAW-FORD membership. The entire contract and highlights package will be made available both online and in print after the vote. Details will not be released until the NFC finalizes and votes to approve. The union will have no comment until that time.


Detroit, Mich. — Today the UAW concluded a week-long ratification process concerning a tentative agreement negotiated between the UAW and General Motors LLC. A majority of UAW members at General Motors have voted in favor of the tentative agreement, as follows:

Total National Agreement bargaining unit results
Production 58.3% Yes 41.7% No
Skilled Trades 40.5% Yes 59.5% No

Overall 55.43% voted for the agreement; 44.57% voted against the agreement.

The UAW has not deemed the tentative agreement ratified. Rather, in accordance with the UAW's Constitution and applicable administrative guidance, the UAW will hold meetings with its UAW-GM Skilled Trades membership at each worksite over the next several days in order to determine what reason(s) they had for rejection of the tentative agreement. Once that inquiry has concluded, the UAW's International Executive Board shall meet to determine what appropriate steps shall be taken. The results of this process cannot change aspects of the agreement which are common to all members

Salaried Master Agreement

100% voted for the agreement; 0% voted against the agreement
The Salaried National Agreement has been ratified.

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