Bisimoto's 911 and Honda Odyssey each pack 1,000 hp

There aren't a lot of vehicles on the road that pack a thousand horsepower. The Bugatti Veyron and McLaren P1 are in rare company, but there have been a handful of aftermarket tuners that have managed to extract that much power out of lesser vehicles. Bisimoto is responsible for more than its fair share, so Matt Farah and the team at Drive stopped by the workshop in Southern California to check out the craftsmanship for the latest episode of Tuned. What they found is two vehicles with that astronomical four-figure output that otherwise couldn't be more different from each other.

First up is the vintage, stripped-out 911 that company founder Bisi Ezerioha built for himself. It's based on a 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera with a widebody kit and a pair of turbochargers hanging off the back. The result is that thousand-horsepower output and, as Farah found out, one of the scariest, hairiest, and squirliest automobiles ever devised.

As if that weren't enough, there's a thousand-horsepower minivan on the docket, too. This one is based on a Honda Odyssey, rebuilt on an air suspension and a six-speed manual gearbox conversion out of an Acura TL. And of course the engine's been tuned to deliver that headline output figure. Honda and Bisimoto showcased the vehicle at the SEMA show a couple of years ago, where Farah says he didn't think it could possibly hold together. But as he discovered in the video above, it actually does, and accelerates with tenacity... and plenty of room for the kids.

Honda Odyssey Information

Honda Odyssey

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