With apologies to Tesla fans, there are, perhaps, no brand enthusiasts quite as enthusiastic as Apple enthusiasts. Every scrap of rumor, innuendo and speculation about the company and its endeavors gets thoroughly investigated, with the results promptly posted to the internet, frequently at the AppleInsider website. So, when news of the Cupertino corporation's Project Titan surfaced – deerstalkers were donned, secret sources tapped, and the game was afoot.

So, what have they learned so far? A bit, it seems. Perhaps the most tangible nugget takes the unique shape of the Fiat 600 Multipla, pictured above. SixtyEight LLC, thought by AppleInsider to be the corporate sub-entity under which Project Titan is being conducted, imported a 1957 example of this unique bit of Italian automotive history.

We don't know if the this "minivan-type" hauler of yore was brought stateside to serve as inspiration for a new design or whether it might end up being a whimsical technology demonstrator. Perhaps neither. We can only hope – or hope not, depending on how you view this variation of the 600 – that an Apple car will carry some Multipla DNA. What we can be pretty sure of is this: Apple enthusiasts will continue to seek out more clues about this program until it's completely revealed, officially or otherwise.

You can read more on the Project Titan sleuthing discoveries here. Feel free, of course, to voice your opinions, clues and speculations in Comments below.

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