James Glickenhaus' SCG003 tests at Vallelunga

James Glickenhaus has been behind three home-brew specialty cars so far, and we think this latest outing is his most excellent. There are now two prototype examples of the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 GT endurance racers, the final version of which will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show then campaign in events like the Nürburgring 24-Hour race and the 24 Hours of Spa.

What gets us is the way the car is designed to do several different things. It's a GT-class racer, but the team patron said they wanted it to be slippery and have the high downforce of an LMP1 car, so they designed a body that conforms to all GT rules but looks like an LMP1 body caught in a larval development stage. Honoring the gentlemen racers and road-going racecars of yore, the SCG003 can be made road-legal with swappable, plug-and-play assemblies, and the track and street versions will use different engines: the racer uses a Honda HPD twin-turbo V6, but rear sub-assembly can be swapped for the road car's twin-turbo W12. And yes, the cockpit fits two; the roll-cage is bolt-in, bolt-out.

The team recently had its second car, for the American team, at Vallelunga for pre-season testing. Check out the video above for more details on the build, and for the sounds, for those glorious sounds.

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