James Glickenhaus' upcoming SCG 003 is, if the billionaire's previous cars are any indication, going to be a seriously cool vehicle. But according to Glickenhaus, it's coolest feature will be its versatility. And no, we're not talking about its use as a child hauler or tow vehicle.

"We are offering road and race versions of SCG 003. The car can be driven to the track, converted to race configuration by its owner, raced for 24 hours, reconverted, and driven home," Glickenhaus told Road and Track in an email.

Yes, James Glickenhaus is building a single vehicle that can quickly be reconfigured for both road and race duties. The conversion will use easy, plug-and-play parts that will allow the SCG 003's owner to replace the engine, transmission and rear subframe with racing variants. As if that doesn't sound like an ambitious enough endeavor, Glickenhaus' first outing for his new road-to-race car is sure to impress.

"We'll set off from our factory in Turin with SCG 003 in road-legal configuration and drive her to Le Mans. Hopefully along the way, car clubs will escort us. In the pits, we will convert her to the race version and compete in the 24 Hours. At the race's conclusion, we'll reconvert her to road-legal condition and drive to Paris for dinner," Glickenhaus wrote.

While the conversion will be a marquee feature of the SCG 003, Glickenhaus told R&T that non-convertible race and road-going versions will also be available. Glickenhaus is planning on bringing the convertible race/road car to Le Mans in 2016.

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