We've got it all wrong. See, here in the United States, we take our children to school in minivans and crossovers, many of which have DVD players that allow each party inside the vehicle to completely ignore the others. For lack of a built-in DVD player, there are iPads, iPhones, iPods, Playstation Vitas, Nintendo 3DS and whatever other electronic device is gripping the youths of America.

Europe, though, has things right. See, in the old world, there are awesome wagons, like the Volvo V60 Polestar (above), to tote the young-ins around. In said awesome wagons, kids smile and look around and put down their iDevices, because the alternative is a nasty bout of car sickness due to mom and dad, or in this case, Jay Leno, flinging the wagon about a vaguely familiar airfield.

Okay, maybe not all European school runs are like this video. But they should be. Scroll down and have a look at Jay Leno's latest video for The Sunday Times.

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