The image above is a frame from English motorcyclist Jack Sanderson's helmet cam. After a bit of impatience while riding a seven-mile stretch of the A537 called Cat and Fiddle, 21-year-old Sanderson learned why it's one of the most dangerous roads in all of Europe. He took a corner too fast, couldn't keep it inside the white dividing line and, when he crossed into the oncoming lane, there was a Honda headed at him.

With nowhere else to go, Sanderson took the high road - and by "high-road" we mean drove off the tarmac and tumbled 40 feet down a hill. His Kawasaki Ninja was a write-off, but incredibly Sanderson escaped with a mild concussion and a cut on his hand - not even getting the cut until he grabbed some barbed wire while walking back up the hill.

Sanderson said the incident changed his whole outlook on life, and posted video of the incident on YouTube as a lesson to other riders. You can watch it below.

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