When it comes to choosing a guy who's gone from Rocky Mountain High to sea level in the electric vehicle world, the Electrification Coalition couldn't have made a better choice. The EV advocacy group has tapped Tony Posawatz, he of the former Chevrolet Volt and Fisker Automotive fame, to help spread the EV word. Posawatz will head the Coalition's community efforts in Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) and Drive Electric Orlando (DEO).

Last August, Posawatz ditched the proverbial sinking ship of the bankrupt extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker after about a year on the job. Posawatz joined Fisker in August 2012 about a month after leaving Chevy parent General Motors. The one-time chairman of the Electric Drive Transportation Association had been with the General for the better part of three decades and, most notably, was the vehicle-line director for the Volt from 2006 to 2012.

Posawatz has consistently remained gung-ho about plug-in vehicle technology and all things clean-tech. He notably spoke at a Wall Street Journal conference last spring and implored investors in clean-technology companies to be patient to allow for longer-term adoption patterns. For further details about the Electrification Coalition's tapping of Posawatz, check out the press release below.
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Former Chevy Volt Executive and Fisker CEO Posawatz Announced As Member of the Electrification Coalition

Washington, D.C.-Tony Posawatz, a former executive with General Motors responsible for the development of the Chevy Volt and former CEO of Fisker Automotive, was announced today as a new member of the Electrification Coalition (EC). In this new role, Posawatz will advise EC leadership on all matters of electric vehicle policy and the organization's deployment community efforts, Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) and Drive Electric Orlando (DEO).

Electrification Coalition CEO Robbie Diamond welcomed Posawatz to the organization, noting his expertise and ability to help the EC further develop and refine its signature policies aimed at achieving widespread deployment of electric vehicles.

"The entire EC team is ecstatic that Tony is bringing his unparalleled record of experience and accomplishments to our organization," Diamond said. "As a leader in transportation electrification, Tony will play a vital role in helping the EC develop and implement the policies needed to accelerate the deployment of EVs in order to diversify our nation's transportation sector, break oil's monopoly, and strengthen our country's energy security."

Posawatz served as the chief executive officer of Fisker Automotive and as Chairman of the Board of the Electric Drive Transportation Association. He also worked for General Motors for more than 30 years, including as Vehicle Line Director for the Chevrolet Volt from 2006 to 2012.

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