Hyundai is going to be in a very celebratory mood next spring. That's when Hyundai will start making its hydrogen fuel-cell electric Tucson crossover available to Golden State citizens next year, and the automaker isn't backing away from hyperbole about its green vehicle ambitions.

"We've had a strategy to be the global eco-leader for years" Hyundai Motor America's John Krafcik

The company has posted a two-plus-minute video all about its Tucson announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month, with a number of executives promoting the FCEV as the Next Big Thing. Naturally, John Krafcik, then still Hyundai Motor America president and chief executive officer, went for broke, saying that Hyundai has "had a strategy to be the global eco-leader for years," and that folks will be "able to drive the future next spring."

The 2015 Tucson Fuel Cell will be available in California next spring for a 36-month lease. Customers who put $2,999 down can lease the car for $499 a month, and that includes unlimited free hydrogen refueling for the vehicles, which have an estimated 300-mile range on a full (H2) tank. There are nine hydrogen refueling stations in California, and four Hyundai dealerships will add them.

Meanwhile, Hyundai will introduce a new concept fuel-cell car, the Intrado, at next year's Geneva Motor Show. The company says the fuel-cell powertrain will be smaller and lighter than the Tucson's, though is saying little else about the vehicle. Check out Hyundai's video below.

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