There are vintage car owners, and then there are vintage car owners who live in New York City. The notoriously compacted urban sprawl is one of the least likely places for people to own vintage cars due to the lack of parking and garages, but that doesn't stop some enthusiasts from finding a way to enjoy owning their classics.

In its latest video, Petrolicious documents three NYC-based car enthusiasts who go through great means to own their classic automobiles. Yale Evelev owns one car, an old, long-hood 911, stores it in a parking garage and only drives it when he wants to. Ike Kitman, who owns an Alfa Romeo GTV6, must take a 40-minute bus ride to get to his car in Palisades, which he says is a small commitment. Raphael Orlove (of Jalopnik) parks his Volkswagen Beetle in a supermarket lot and first must walk the city and take the subway if he wants to go for a drive.

The way we see it, if these three enthusiasts can achieve their classic-car aspirations while living in the Big Apple, they have their cake, and they're eating it, too. We have to point out, however, that, despite the "small commitment" of owning his Alfa GTV6, Kitman did say he was slightly jealous of California car owners, who he thinks have it easy. After hearing about the 40-minute bus ride to his garage, this writer pleads guilty as charged. To see for yourself the challenges – and the joys – of owning a classic car in NYC, check out the video below.

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