Man arrested after stolen car he was driving was caught... Man arrested after stolen car he was driving was caught on tape

If you are riding around in a stolen car, maybe taking it for a spin to the local mall is a bad idea. New technology is helping catch criminals when they're least suspecting it. At the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, CA security guards are catching car thieves who happen to be in their parking lots using sophisticated technology.

"Basically, our vehicles each have cameras based at 45 degree angles," said Head of Mall Security Steve Reed told Fox 40 Sacramento.

The security vehicles drive around mall parking lots using mounted HD cameras to scan for stolen license plates. Over 200 of these cameras are located in the mall, so security can digitally retrace thieves' steps, leading cops to make an arrest. Police met the latest suspect at the bottom of an escalator while he was shopping. In the last two months mall security has caught three suspects in car thefts.

While law enforcement is updating their tactics to handle crime in the 21st century criminals are busy doing the same. Car thieves are now able to hack into car systems using simple wireless technology and, automatically unlock vehicles and take what is inside. GPS systems are popular targets, so thieves can steal from your car and find your home easily.

The good news is cars are becoming increasingly difficult to steal thanks to technology. In fact the Boston Bombing suspects were tracked using Mercedes mbrace telematics, which allowed officers to track the vehicle after it had been carjacked by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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