A group of Irish students captured this video of a driver attempting to parallel park – for half an hour.

Throughout her trials a few passers-by attempted to give her directions but they walked away in frustration. Her determination was admirable and, with the help and patience of a good Samaritan, she finally made it into the spot.

The guys on the video make fun of the 'woman driver' struggling to make the space, but that's an outdated stereotype. According to a month long study from National Car Parks, the United Kingdom's largest private parking garage operator, women might take slightly longer to maneuver into spaces, but were the better parkers overall.

Parallel Parking is a notoriously difficult maneuver to master. Here are a few tips on how to execute the perfect parallel parking job in 30 minutes or less.

1. Line your side mirror up with the car that is in the space ahead of where you want to park

2. Throw it into reverse, immediately start turning your wheel hard in the direction you need to go

3. When your front wheel is lined up roughly with the other car's rear wheel start turning the steering wheel hard in the opposite direction

4. Make any adjustments necessary, scoot up or move back.

5. Or you can speed up, spin the wheel hard, use the hand brake, and slide into the space like a parallel parking world champion.

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