We've seen our fair share of kitted out armored vehicles, from bullet-proof BMW models to Land Rover SUVs that can take a land mine. But Lexani Motorcars has recently put its armored car experience to work on a Toyota Sequoia. Why? The company isn't saying, but we imagine a Toyota is somewhat less conspicuous than a high-dollar German sedan. With sufficient armoring on five sides to protect the machine from 7.62x51 mm rifle rounds and under body plating stout enough to keep the occupants safe from both grenades and land mines.

But this isn't some brutal tank. Inside, the Sequoia serves up leather seating, wine coolers galore, a massive, retractable LCD flat screen (which doubles as a cabin divider) and and beautiful wood trim. Rear passengers can see exactly what's going on outside thanks to a bevy of discreet cameras, and most of the onboard electronics look to be controllable via an iPad. Check it out below for a closer look.

Toyota Sequoia Information

Toyota Sequoia

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