According to the most recent estimates, Hurricane Sandy inflicted upwards of $60 billion in damage to the Northeast when it hit last October – one of the most destructive storms in history. In addition to the life and property losses, officials believe that more than 200,000 vehicles in the New York area alone were damaged by water from storm surges, flooding and rain.

Parked on the tarmac, taxiways and runways 14/32 and 5/23 at Calverton Executive Airpark in Riverhead, NY, are 15,000 of those vehicles – representing just a small portion of the total affected – awaiting their fate. The water didn't distinguish between make or model, raging its destruction on everything in its path, regardless of sticker price. According to officials, the least damaged cars and trucks will be sold at auction to the highest bidder and most will be repaired and registered again (understandably with a "flood" warning on the title, buyer beware). Those with more significant damage will be picked for parts or scrapped.

As you click through the pictures, keep in mind that the runways covered in vehicles are large enough to handle heavy commercial traffic (the first is 10,000 feet long and the second is 7,000 feet in length, both are 200 feet wide). It truly is a somber sight.

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