The latest Nissan global ad for the all-electric Leaf doesn't get lost in translation.

The Japanese automaker has put out a 60-second advertising campaign video with the opening line: "What if you could drive the future, today?" Nissan goes on to promote features such as being able to turn on the car's heat or A/C remotely with a smartphone, being able to use the car as an emergency power supply for a home and, of course, not needing to fill the car up with gas. Check out the full ad below.

The company went a step further to make the ad truly global by showing the car in action in locales ranging from Japan to Santa Monica Beach, California, and by using the oh-so-British term "petrol" for gas. Nissan hopes to spur lagging sales for the Leaf, especially in the U.S. Through September, Leaf sales were down 28 percent from a year earlier, but word on the street is that October was a good month. We shall see later this week.

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