"It may very well be the most important new car since the Model T."

That's the summation of the latest video from Motor Trend and its Ignition video series, speaking of the Tesla Model S. Though the buff site had previously released a video featuring a range-testing excursion from LA-to-Vegas (and back), this time its cameras were out to capture whether it proves its worth as a car.

For MT's Carlos Lago, the criteria involved in the equation includes important things like, "How fast is it, how fun is it to drive." And while he does spend some tire-smoking time testing the five-door hatchback's performance parameters, the approach overall is more holistic than some we've seen.

Adding up the performance, style, technology and price, Lago compares the Tesla favorably with the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and Porsche Panamera. He says it feels "like car 3.0." It all kind of gives us hope our favorite fastback will come out on top when MT reveals its Car Of The Year sometime in November.

Scroll down to watch one of the best-looking Model S video reviews to date, and let us know in Comments if you agree with its conclusions.

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