Like our man Michael Harley, Chris Harris recently got a chance to ride shotgun in the Porsche 918 Spyder, and he brought along a few cameras to share the experience with the rest of us. While Harris admits to being averse to producing videos where he's only riding around in the passenger seat, he seems to be no less taken with the technological marvels on display in the newest Porsche hypercar. Harris even goes so far as to compare it to the groundbreaking 1987 Porsche 959. He does have a point in that both the 959 and the 918 Spyder were arguably ahead of their time and built to show off Porsche's technical brawn in their respective eras.

While Harris touches on interesting engineering tidbits like the 918's carbon fiber engine cradle and specially formulated tires, the really interesting bits come while riding around not on the infamous Nürburgring but while silently whirring around on a few secondary roads. Take a look below to see what we mean.

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