Just because Rafael de Mestre took his Tesla Roadster around the globe a bit faster doesn't mean that the adventure that the Electric Odyssey duo of Antonin and Xavier have been on is any less amazing. After all, they went 15,500 miles through 17 countries in an all-electric Citroen C-Zero (a rebadged Mitsubishi i-MiEV) in just eight months. The pair left Strasbourg, France in February and made it back safe and sound yesterday, after finding a lot of friendly outlets along the way – enough for "almost 300" charges. That's an average of over 50 miles per charge in a jellybean-shaped EV that crossed the Rockies and dusty Asia.

Once they got back home, Antonin and Xavier held a livestream video chat with some of the people (called "pluggers") who helped power their global journey (you can watch it below). This is the part where the Odyssey's official mission – "to improve the image of electric cars with the general public and reassure people concerning their use" – was proved successful. Electric vehicles might be getting more and more common, but round-the-world drives will always be interesting and full of great people.

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After eight months, 25,000 kilometres, 17 countries crossed and almost 300 charges for just €250 of electricity, the CITROËN C-ZERO arrived back in Strasbourg, France, today. It is the first production electric car to complete a round-the-world tour. Antonin and Xavier, the two heroes of the Electric Odyssey, talked about the highlights of their journey in a videoconference with some of the "pluggers" they met on their travels. Relive the event on CITROËN's Facebook page...

With their CITROËN C-ZERO, Antonin and Xavier have arrived back in Strasbourg, the starting point last February of the Electric Odyssey, the first round-the-world tour in an electric vehicle. Their objective was clear: to improve the image of electric cars with the general public and reassure people concerning their use. An objective that they have now reached thanks to the full-electric technology of the CITROËN C-ZERO, the flag-bearer in their adventure.. This round-the-world tour was also a unique experience in human solidarity, thanks in particular to the many 'pluggers' who helped recharge the CITROËN C-ZERO. And a "round-the-web" tour also, conveying a responsible message with international reach. To view the videoconference organised via Google+ Hangout at midday in Strasbourg, featuring Antonin, Xavier and some of the 'pluggers' they met during their travels, see CITROËN's Facebook® page: www.facebook.com/citroen CITROËN would like to thank Antonin and Xavier for their determination, optimism and daring, three values that have always been part of the Marque.

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