There are really only two possible outcomes when it comes to automobile racing. We're all familiar with the thrill of victory, but sometimes it's the agony of defeat that touches us most deeply. Take, for instance, the example of Nissan driver Satoshi Motoyama, one of thee pilots flinging the automaker's innovative DeltaWing around the track at Le Mans.

After being taken out by a Toyota prototype that was in the running for the overall victory, the DeltaWing was sent careening into the barrier. According to race rules, if the pit crew or race officials were allowed access to the car, its race would be over. For the next two hours, Motoyama poked, pried and desperately tried to put his race car back together again.

Sadly, he failed. The car was unable to get back on track, leaving Motoyama weeping on the sideline. Join us in offering a healthy round of respect to Motoyama and his valiant attempt to continue racing. Check out a pair of videos detailing the episode by scrolling down below.

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